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AluroAgent has only one comprehensive package for your online success as a Realtor.
The ‘Market Area Expert’ package itemizes exactly what you can expect to receive. No surprises, just results. You own everything including the custom reports, domain, hosting, website, IDX subscription, and WordPress content management. No monthly services except for IDX subscription are needed after the launch of your website. Enjoy the freedom of personalizing your own site using user friendly content management tools for updating articles, home showcases, community photos, and any other content you wish to contribute about your market area.

Your Steps for Market Area Authority
AluroAgent Will Provide You With...

Client Questionnaire

Certified in Usability Analysis, AluroAgent first understands who you are, who you want as clients, and how to give them the best online experience searching for homes in your target markets.

Target Market

Ahh, the strategy. You are Robin Hood. Your website is the arrow. Your ability to aim is your SEO, and your target market is the bullseye. AluroAgent understands your Clients’ desires, analyzes what they are actually searching for online, and the level of online competition for those markets.

Target Audience

Once you have defined your target market and the type of homes you desire to list, you have a good grasp on the type of homebuyers and sellers you want to attract and how to gain their trust. Some Realtors find out they are targeting millennials who are searching for a condo over a mobile phone communicating through Facebook. Some Realtors have a different demographic of young baby boomers who search the internet on their iPad after dinner in their living room looking for gated luxury communities. Once you know your target audience, your brand, design, and social media strategy start coming together.

Keyword Research

This is where it gets fun. George Orwell predicted it in 1984, right? At least we can take advantage of seeing the online behavior of millions. AluroAgent will give you a detailed analysis of the exact keywords people are searching for in Google. You’ll see all the derivations of search behavior for your market area. Next, we will compare that with the level of competition in that market area and pinpoint your top keyword phrases that blend location with home amenities. Everyone might be searching for your city, but the competition is fierce. Everyone might be searching for your town’s gated communities, but your competition might be clueless. Seize the opportunity of distinctive advantage for a market niche. Prospective clients are already knocking on the door (or search engine)

Competitive Analysis

We are just getting started. Once you know your market and your strategic keywords to attract leads, you want to know who your competition is. AluroAgent’s competitive analysis will tell you who they are, their online sentiment, why they are a leader, what are they lacking, and how they are trending in the industry. You won’t be disappointed with this report.

SEO Enlightenment

AluroAgent will highlight parts of the analysis that you will find the most interesting and the opportunities for targeting certain market area niches and mobile devices. AluroAgent will show you the correct way to not only attract leads, but to attract a higher percentage of quality clients who know what they want and are ready to contact a trusted Realtor who knows their market area.

SEO Action Plan

Rome wasn’t built in a day and your SEO plan will contain more actions than you may care to see. AluroAgent knows how busy you are. The ‘SEO Action Plan’ report will prioritize the actions needed to help your meet your goals and get the biggest bang for your time and money. Efficiency is key with so many factors in SEO.


When you offer great online resources that are original and special, wrap them around a consistent style, custom color palette, logo, and tagline. Prospective clients will have an easier time gaining your trust if your website consistently has one voice and one style: yours.

Web Design

A beautiful photoshop mockup for your homepage that attracts your clientele.

Web Development

Some agencies concentrate on development. As you can see, your website is just one part of your successful SEO and marketing campaign.

IDX Integration

IDX is the bait at the end of the Realtor’s website’s hook. Prospective buyers are addicted to it and there are thousands of sites that are competing against your IDX website. Your prospective buyers are looking for one that specializes in their specific market area. Impress them with a landing page full of listings, features, and tools they actually want to interact with, and they will thank you for it.

Registration Form

If your IDX is the bait, your registration form is how you reel in your visitors. Your clients will see you as the trusted market area expert with all of your local content and resources. Once they have searched your local listings a few times, it is time to ask your visitors to register.

SEO Quality Check

Once your new site is developed, AluroAgent will implement SEO Best Practices Check to optimize your web pages for search engines

Pre-Launch Quality Check

AluroAgent will cover a comprehensive quality check on your site to make sure it is running and usable the way your visitors expect.

The 'Market Area Expert' Package
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Optional Services for Members Only

Optional Services Offered Only to 'Market Area Experts'

AluroAgent takes pride in setting you up with a great marketing strategy, SEO, and IDX website that you own and manage. You have no further obligations for future services. When you do want some future help, though, we are ready to serve you. We have special SEO, analytic, and content tuneups when you want them.

  1. *Price includes everything above with no additional fees or obligations from AluroAgent. You own your website. AluroAgent will help you with your domain setup, hosting setup, and IDX integration. Price does not include third-party fees such as domain registration, domain hosting, and IDXBroker $99 setup fee and subscription.
  2. All websites require clients to have a brand and defined target market. Our ‘Market Area Expert’ Package provides branding, logo, market analysis, competitor analysis, and our special keyword research. AluroAgent’s ‘Market Area Expert’ Package is the best value and is highly recommended.
  3. AluroAgent exclusively uses IDXBroker for IDX. AluroAgent receives no commission from IDXBroker. It’s just a great IDX provider to work with lots of IDX features.
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